Guerrilla Marketing Strategies from Ideation to Execution

HIV Answers needed a national campaign to encourage health seeking behaviors in African American men in America. We were charged with heading up this effort in a powerfully diverse cities in America.

Atlanta is home to the most colorful communities in the country. This diversity makes for a vibrant and lively neighborhood scene, but an increasingly difficult landscape to execute an effective marketing campaign. In order to effectively engage with our target audience, my team and I spoke with leaders of the Af-Am gay community for insight.

We activated a guerrilla marketing campaign at 75 different locations to build awareness in Atlanta. Among the activations were churches, nightclubs, and public assistances that all articulated their support for the gay community.

My teammate and I used both chalk and water stencils to leave a long lasting mark on the sidewalks along our targeted locations.  While subtle, our impressions struck the perfect balance between the privacy and the importance of sexual health.

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