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what are the mechanics of toxic fandom? what is the cultural significance of transhumanism today? what does the american dream mean for linear cable subscribers? why do teenagers re-watch adult animation? how do luxury sedan drivers want to feel when driving? what is the symbolic value of ‘swagger’ for af-am men? what are the emotional dynamics behind “snacking?” how do the underinsured feel about money and healthcare? what is the relationship between patients, doctors, and sales reps? what fuels lat-am millennials and how do they feel about money? will people trust an AI powered big bank to give financial guidance?
research & creative strategy
Ripple Commercial, Powering Global Payments for All: "Got It"
Official Ripple Channel
cultural strategy
Raised by Wolves | Official Trailer | HBO Max
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working on behalf of the human condition — i strive to improve the dynamic between culture, consumer, and quality of life.
Unpregnant | Official Trailer | HBO Max
market research & global brand strategy
For the Bold | Mango Languages
Mango Languages
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