working on behalf of the human condition, I strive to improve the dynamic between brand, culture, and quality of life.



my work helps people make sense of things, where they’re going, and why it matters. I help c-levels and associates avoid social, cultural, and organizational mistakes through marketing, messaging, aesthetics, and other brand functions.

I’ve been fortunate to partner with organizations across nearly every category and segment. here are some of the questions I’ve helped answer in the past:

  • what does the american dream mean for linear cable subscribers?

  • how do teenagers watch adult animation?

  • how do luxury sedan drivers want to feel when driving?

  • what is the symbolic value of ‘swagger’ for af-am men?

  • can a big brand get engaged with grassroots athletics?

  • how do the underinsured feel about money and healthcare?

  • what is the relationship between patients, doctors, and sales reps?

  • what fuels lat-am millennials and how do they feel about money?

  • will people trust an AI powered big bank to give financial guidance?



b.s. anthropology + gender studies
m.a. advertising + consumer behavior

the ‘voice’ of humanity is everywhere — tv shows, movies, sports, consumerism, fashion, etc. symbolic meanings are constantly being created and communicated through culture, ad infinitum. I design, execute, and oversee research to uncover the ‘voice’ of humanity.

here are some techniques and methodologies:

  • qualitative: ethnography, focus groups, cultural immersions, digi-ethnos, in-depth interviews, survey design and execution, recruiting, etc.

  • semiotics: cultural positioning & guardrails, narrative building, product evangelism, conceptual & stylistic vetting, trend forecasting, sonic semiotics, subject analysis, etc.

  • strategy: brand positioning, brand architecture, ideation and strategy workshops, partnerships, thought leadership, content and marketing strategy, etc.



I’m currently living a tri-coastal, “fluid-remote” lifestyle across los angeles, new york, and atlanta. I’m freelancing and working on several ‘passion’ projects with friends and long-time clients.

I am inspired by people and literature from all over internet. here are some of the spaces I frequent:



I use long-form writing to figure out complex and slippery social phenomena. some of the thinking below has contributed to my current epistemology while others have been left to rot. since I can’t share any client work, here are some of the notable pieces from my academic career:



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