Identity Based Prosumption —
Exploring the Impact of Chronic Need-State Satisfaction

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is actually a visualization of chronic need­-state satisfaction. As lower level needs are continually met, consumers begin to focus on higher level processes. For this conceptual essay, I transpose Maslow’s simple epistemology with Identity Investment Theory to explore the impact of chronic need state satisfaction within the context of technological innovation. Impending futures like ubiquitous internet, 'smart' devices, and automated cars, for example — will bring upon a new state of chronic satisfaction within the current need-state landscape. I explore the impact that this chronic satisfaction has on the human condition and posit my own model depicting the creation process of new need-states. Since the creation process is rooted in product use (i.e., consumption), I employ the concept of prosumption — within which individuals consume and produce (or create) simultaneously.