brand positioning, brand architecture, ideation and strategy workshops, partnerships, thought leadership, content and marketing strategy
cultural positioning & guardrails, narrative building, product evangelism, conceptual & stylistic vetting, trend forecasting, sonic semiotics, subject analysis
what are the mechanics of toxic fandom? how does a high profile brand continue writing a prestigious brand story in a new industry? what is the cultural significance of transhumanism in culture today? how do you position outdoor education curriculum for modern parents? what does the american dream mean for linear cable subscribers? why do teenagers re-watch adult animation? how do luxury sedan drivers want to feel when driving? what is the symbolic value of ‘swagger’ for af-am men? can a big brand get engaged with grassroots athletics? what are the emotional dynamics behind “snacking?” what are the key cultural vectors in the West? how do young professionals feel about energy drinks? what is the best way to get buy-in from franchise owners? how do we communicate quality, reliability, and dependability? how do the underinsured feel about money and healthcare? what is the relationship between patients, doctors, and sales reps? what fuels lat-am millennials and how do they feel about money? will people trust an AI powered big bank to give financial guidance?
ethnography, discovery research, focus groups, cultural immersions, digi-ethnos, in-depth interviews, expert recruiting, survey design